CES 2008: Audio-Technica ATH-ANC3 Noise-Cancelling earphones

Chris Davies - Jan 7, 2008

If Audio-Technica’s new ANC7 cans are too big for your liking, but you still want some of that sweet noise-cancellation in your life, then the ATH-ANC3 in-ear earphones could be a better fit.  Promising 85-percent ambient noise reduction, thanks to microphones in each ear bud and a box of magic tricks built into the cable, the ANC3s are powered by a single AAA battery.


 Audio-Technica ATH-ANC3 noise-reducing earphones

According to the picture above, using the ANC3 set will make you sublimely relaxed and content; even if you don’t believe the press-photo hype, the ability to switch off or momentarily pause the noise-reduction for conversations is handy.

The Audio-Technica ANC3 earphones will get a US release in Spring 2008, with a suggested price-tag of $169.95.


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