Cellphone WAP-controlled DIY home automation project

Last month's remote control power outlet piggybacked onto a Linksys NSLU2; this month, we're still all about remotely triggering power from a web browser or cellphone with WAP browser, but the system is built from scratch.  Josh Harle started with a PIC16F84, a cheap programmable chip, which links up to an always-on home server that has a custom Java app doling out commands to eight different AC switches.

As a concept it's based on a remote servo control project, but Josh applies it to lighting and other, more domestic tasks.  A webserver offers up simple control pages to either your browser or your cellphone, passing on instructions to the home server that, via a serial connection, triggers the control box.  That on its own cost around AU$50 ($34); expect to pay around AU$15 ($10) per 240V switch.

Although an X10 setup would be more straightforward, having a more open web-to-serial system leaves plenty of room for future expansion.  For instance, integrating and remotely controlling a webcam.  The full Java software is available to download and tinker with from Josh's site.

[via Hack a Day]