Celio REDFLY Smartphone Dock gets video demo

It's been over a year since we heard talk of Celio's REDFLY Smartphone Dock, the compact box that would allow you to plug your phone into full-sized desktop peripherals, but it seems the company have been beavering away in the meantime.  Two videos have been quietly uploaded, showing off the latest REDFLY Smartphone Dock – codenamed Moab – in action, taking a BlackBerry Tour 9630 and making it usable with a VGA display and keyboard.Video demo after the cut

In effect, the Smartphone Dock is just like Celio's existing REDFLY "smartphone companions", only rather than having a netbook form-factor it's intended for deskbound use.  Less handy on the move, of course – though with the improvement in smartphone displays and input methods, more people are finding they can comfortably work on their mobile devices – but far more flexible when you're at the office.

Of course you're still limited by the capabilities of the smartphone itself, so if you're wanting to do some serious work then you'll have to hold out hope for Citrix's Nirvana Phone platform to gain momentum.  No word from Celio on when we could expect to pick up a REDFLY Smartphone Dock ourselves, nor for how much.

[via Recombu]