Celio REDFLY Mobile Viewer app for PC hits beta

Celio, best known for their controversial REDFLY smartphone companion devices, have released the first beta of their REDFLY Mobile Viewer.  The app, currently for Windows XP or Vista systems only, allows Windows Mobile smartphones to be connected to a standard PC and their software used at up to 1024 x 768 resolution.

Just as with the company's companion devices, the smartphone's display is not just magnified but enlarged: Excel Mobile, for instance, can fit up to 50 cells on-screen at a time, rather than the more usual 8.  It also means you can use your computer's full-sized keyboard and mouse to control the smartphone apps, making SMS messaging far easier. 

A full list of supported Windows Mobile devices is here.  The Celio REDFLY Mobile Viewer beta is free to download and use; the company has not revealed final retail pricing for the full version, nor when that could be expected. 

Press Release:

Celio REDFLY Mobile Viewer Available as Public Beta

New Software Extends Productivity by Making Smartphone's Unique Content, Applications and Connectivity Available via the PC

LAS VEGAS –(Business Wire)– Apr 01, 2009 Celio Corp, makers of the REDFLY Mobile Companion, today announced a public beta of the new REDFLY Mobile Viewer PC software for Windows XP and Vista.

The REDFLY Mobile Viewer is a software product allowing smartphone users to conveniently use their favorite Windows Mobile applications at full size on their PCs. To download the free beta, visit www.celiocorp.com.

"Customer feedback is critical to Celio's strategy as we continue to innovate and deliver products that meet the critical needs of our customers," said Kirt Bailey, president and CEO of Celio Corp. "By releasing the REDFLY Mobile Viewer as a public beta, we can get feedback from as broad an audience as possible. This program will give thousands of new users a taste of REDFLY's technology and demonstrate how incredibly productive they could be with their smartphone once they can combine the smartphone's applications and connectivity with a larger keyboard and screen."

The REDFLY Mobile Viewer works with all current REDFLY-compatible smartphones. The software gives users access to all of the smartphone's applications and features via a Windows PC, including the ability to send and receive SMS messages and e-mail in a full-screen window. The REDFLY Mobile Viewer is a great tool for multitasking, allowing users to interact and use both the smartphone platform and the PC platform simultaneously via the PC.

The REDFLY Mobile Viewer is the only smartphone desktop software to increase the phone's output screen resolution, allowing the smartphone user to view more information at a time. REDFLY Mobile Viewer users may select from four different resolutions (800x480, 800x600, 1024x600 or 1024x768) to view their smartphone screen in a larger PC window.

The REDFLY Mobile Viewer software doesn't just make the smartphone's existing screen bigger, it actually gives the user more screen "real estate" to see more of a website, read an email without scrolling, view six to 10 times the cells on a spreadsheet, etc. — without having to zoom and pan around the screen.

For more information about the REDFLY Mobile Viewer or to register for the public beta, visit www.celiocorp.com.