CEDIA 2007 - Denon's Blu-Ray player boasts highest resolution available

In a show of remarkable solidarity, Denon has released some Blu-Ray disc players at CEDIA 2007 today – astounding everyone who had forgotten that the format existed and were too busy distracting themselves by salivating on Apple Store windows.  The so-called "reference standard" DVD-3800BDCI (and what a snappy name that is) takes the award for being the "world's first BD-ROM Profile 1 version 1.1 Blu-ray Disc Player from a Blu-Ray Disc Association member featuring the acclaimed 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset."


While that might seem a bit of a niche claim to fame, the performance from the 3800 should make you forget the hyperbole.  Denon are calling it the highest resolution high-definition video currently available through an HDMI connection, and they've paired it with high-def audio decoding and DDSC-HD audio output.

There's a junior version, the DVD-2500BTC, which lacks the onboard video/audio decoder and requires an external receiver, but that otherwise offers the BD-ROM Profile 1 version 1.1 support.

Both models should be available this Fall, priced at $1,999 for the DVD-3800BDCI and $1,199 for the DVD-2500BTC.