CBS has a terrible idea for a TV show called "25"

This week the folks at CBS were reportedly working on a TV show with Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg that's been described as "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but with a guy." The show will likely attempt to collect those people who love the idea of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but need more of a male perspective. You know, instead of a woman stalking an ex-boyfriend across the country, it's a man, and he's stalking a woman.

The premise of this television show should sound eerily similar to that of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend show that's been on TV since 2015. That show is currently up to Season 3, Episode 11. What better way to capitalize on the success of that woman-led musical comedy than to... copy the entire story? Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?

The show is described by its makers as follows: "The hybrid comedy follows twenty-something Kyle who comes to Austin to finally convince his old best friend from camp they are perfect for each other. Unfortunately, she just got engaged. A lot of guys would give up, but Kyle is not one of those guys. To Kyle's surprise, even though he came to town looking for 'the one,' he might end up with much more than that."

Cross your fingers it's an arrest and a restraining order. What year do Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg think it is? As AV Club's William Hughes suggests, "All in all, it sounds a lot like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, except with a guy in the role of the borderline-deranged person persevering despite things like 'boundaries,' 'good emotional sense' or 'laws.'"

In Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the woman met the man and dated at summer camp, she meets him years after he's broken up with her and he says he's moving from NYC to California. She decides she'll follow him and try to win him back only to find that he already has a girlfriend/fiancee. But no, yeah, no, the CBS show is going to be totally different.

If a worse idea for a television show was ever conceived, I'd like you, the reader, to let me know immediately with the tag #thistvshowwasworse. This is going to be a disaster.