CBS All Access streams against HBO/Netflix with commercials

Just in case you heard that CBS was going to sneak up on Netflix and yesterday's big reveal of HBO's streaming service, think again. CBS All Access, as they're calling it, has quite a few caveats to get over before it'll be sneaking up on any competing service. First, and perhaps most important, they'll be continuing to show commercials during your viewing of shows even after you've paid for their service. Advertisements on your already paid-for service. What is this, Hulu Plus?!

It's not Hulu Plus, it's CBS All Access. You'll be able to stream Big Bang Theory, Blue Bloods, and NCIS episodes the day after they've been broadcast on cable television through a "CBS App Next Day" app. You'll also be able to watch live TV through whatever source you're viewing CBS All Access through.

There will also be "over 6,500 Episodes on Demand" with commercials. But streams won't necessarily work wherever you go.

CBS must own the local affiliate in your area to watch streams, and you won't be able to watch streams of NFL games. Not on Sunday, not on Thursday – not on any day. You can check if your local affiliate is owned by CBS here: Wikipedia List of CBS TV affiliates.

BUT the following shows are available to all:

• Andy Griffith Show

• The Brady Bunch

• Cheers

• CSI Miami

• Everybody Loves Raymond

• Frasier

• I Love Lucy

• MacGyver

• Star Trek Deep Space Nine

• Star Trek Enterprise

• Star Trek-The Original Series

• Star Trek-The Next Generation

• Star Trek Voyager

• Taxi

• 2 Broke Girls

• Big Brother

• CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

• Hawaii Five-0


• NCIS: Los Angeles

• NCIS: New Orleans

And one whole heck of a lot more. You can see the full lineup at CBS dot com, if you do so wish.

The plus side is you can try 1 week for free. But you'll still have to pay $5.99 since each month costs $5.99 and when you cancel your subscription, which you're signing up for, you can only cancel the next billing cycle. So there's that.