Catch up with Google I/0 2014 keynote and videos

The end of June was definitely a wild one for the Android world. Google held it's annual I/O conference where the company's execs and developers detailed the next roadmap for Google's products. But in case you didn't have the luck to be there yourself, or didn't even have the time to follow the events as they unfolded, now you can get updated with the latest news and trends in Google's world now that the I/O 2014 videos are up for grabs.

So what exactly happened at I/O this year? Though hardly the only product showcased, a lot of attention was lavished on Android. And that's because Google has officially extended Android beyond its comfort zones. Android Auto will see the mobile platform get installed in cars that will be coming next year, or late this year at the earliest, bringing smartphone integration and Google services to automotive infotainment systems. Android TV, on the other hand, brings Android, both in video viewing and gaming modes, into the living room and finally makes "Google TV" a reality. No devices or TV sets have been announced yet, but we expect things to kick off near the end of the year as well.

And who can forget about Android Wear, which is Google's formal entrance into the wearable technology competition. We saw LG and Samsung show their wares, while Motorola was a bit coy about its own smartwatch. And on the fringes, there is also Project Ara and Project Tango, giving an update on Google's incursion into less conventional but groundbreaking mobile devices.

Of course, those are just the highlights. There are literally dozens and dozens of talks, sessions, and whatnot that cater to almost every Google product in existence and for every user category, be it designer, developer, business partner, or enthusiast. Now all of these, as well as the I/O 2014 keynote, are available for you to watch at your own time and leisure. And just to whet your appetite, Google has provided a nice little teaser highlighting what went down at Google I/O.

These videos are available on the Google I/O web page, but can also be accessed from the I/O 2014 Android app, except, it seems, for the 2014 Keynote. You can also dive into our Google I/O tag portal to read about the highlights, or head on over to our Android Wear section for reviews and updates on Google-powered smartwatches, and dig through our Android coverage for all things related to the little green robot.

Download: Google I/O 2014 on Google Play Store

SOURCE: Google