Casper Glow is a smart lamp for sleep from mattress makers

The same folks who created a majorly successful smart mattress in 2014 just revealed the Casper Glow. The Casper Glow is a smart lamp that works with the user's smartphone. This device utilizes the sleep knowhow cultivated by Casper with "millions of data points and years of expertise in sleep research and science toward addressing a top environmental factor – light – that often gets in the way of a good night's rest."

This device is a lamp that connects with Bluetooth to your smartphone. Your smartphone will be able to control the lamp with a Casper Glow app. This app can control anywhere between 1 and 6 lamps at one time. This lamp is made to allow you to get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up in a healthy manner.

Once the lamp is turned on with the app once, users can utilize a built-in accelerometer and/or gyroscope to control the lamp. This device can be flipped to turn on, twisted to adjust brightness, and wiggled to activate a "low, gentle light." The built-in light sensor automatically gauges how bright the light needs to shine.

Charging the device takes place wirelessly with a charging base plugged in to a wall socket. The exterior of this lamp is polycarbonate, and the entire unit measures in at 5-inches tall with a 3-inch diameter. Inside is a 2700K high-efficiency LED light.

A single Casper Glow will be made available for $89 USD. A "double" pack will be available for $169 USD. These lights will be made available this year. Further news will be shared on the ways and means with which the lamps will become available for purchase.

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