Casio Announces Two New Exilim "YouTube Cameras"

Cell phones aren't the only things that will send your embarrassing videos straight to YouTube. Casio has just announced their new additions to the Exilim series that promise make YouTubing much easier for the average Joe.

The two new cameras have a special YouTube video mode that captures video and saves them in 640 x 480 resolution and H.264 format. The S880 shoots stills at 8.1 MP while the S77 will snap them at 7.2MP.

You can get your hands on these starting in August for $300 and $230 respectively. Now all you have to do is find someone doing something stupid enough to be uploaded onto YouTube. I'm sure after spending a couple hours with family and friends you'll find yourself a prized clip. Then again, maybe that's just my friends and family.

Casio's YouTube Camera Makes it Easier to Embarrass Yourself Online [via gearlog]