CasaTunes Air expands AirPlay for the wireless home

This week the folks at CasaTunes have revealed a new system in CasaTunes Air, a system with which you'll be able to have multi-room wired and wireless music streaming all coming from your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone. This system works with a CasaTunes Music Server and has your AirPlay devices as well as your wired devices (simple speakers, for example) working all throughout your home. Inside the iOS app you'll be able to play tunes from any number of your own music collections and direct the sound to the rooms you've set up throughout your house or apartment.

You can also use this system with your Mac or PC, all of it using iTunes and AirPlay technology to make the whole show go. You can also use Android smartphones and tablet as well as any number of web browsers from whatever device you've got handy to control your CasaTunes Music Server. There's also a wall mounted CasaTunes Keypad you can use to work with music you've got stored locally.

David Krinker, CEO of CasaTunes notes that this CasaTunes Air system is made specifically for users who have "maxed out their wired solution but are still looking to add music in more rooms." CasaTunes Air also supports a growing system with add-ons galore. This system, in fact, is an add-on for already existing hardware that CasaTunes already distributes. CasaTunes version 4 with CasaTunes Air is ready to go for all CasaTunes line of music servers.

Check out CasaTunes Air for 6-room solutions ranging up to your highest dreams, and head to our recent review of an alternate solution in this same realm, the PLAY:3 from Sonos, as picked up in multiples by our own Chris Davies and check our multiple solutions using AirPlay as well in the timeline below!