Cards Against Humanity creators offer to cut up an original Picasso

The people behind Cards Against Humanity are no stranger to controversy. After all, their game is probably one of the least-politically correct that you can find on the market. Today they've possibly announced the single most controversial thing that they've done to date.

The company has a history of pulling funny shenanigans around the holidays. Just earlier this year they raised $70,000 by selling nothing for Black Friday. Their big holiday to-do this year is their Eight Sensible Gifts for Hanukkah. Those who signed up are in the midst of getting one "sensible" gift for each of the 8 days of Hanukkah.

The first gifts were pretty average. In fact, the first three days everyone got socks. Night 6 was one of the cooler things that the CAH team has done. They took the money raised from all 150,000 who signed up, and used the money for that day to give everyone that works for their printer in China a week's paid vacation. That's a big deal, since many of the people there had never received a paid vacation. Very cool stuff.

That brings us to today, where those same 150,000 people are to be given a tough decision. With the funds for this day, the CAH crew purchased an authentic Pablo Picasso print, signed by the artist himself. Only 50 of these exist in the world. And its fate is being left in the hands of the consumer.

Those that participated in the promotion will be able to vote on whether the piece gets donated to the Art Institute of Chicago, or cut into 150,000 pieces. Should they decide to have it cut up, each person who bought the Hanukkah gift set will receive one of those tiny pieces.

The Picasso piece is TĂȘte de Faune and was made in 1962. A print such as the one they have in their possession is valued at around $14,000, and only 50 exist in the world. So what would you do? Would you vote to donate it, or to get a piece of an original Picasso?

Source: Cards Against Humanity