Cards Against Humanity crew make $70k selling nothing

Black Friday is a day that's notorious for having great deals on all manner of goods. However, in recent years it has become a spectacle that brings out the worst in people. What's interesting, is that one company decided to start charging people $5 for absolutely nothing on Black Friday. And people bought it in droves.

Last year, the makers of Cards Against Humanity thought they'd have a bit of fun at the expense of the shopping holiday. To show their distaste, they decided to start selling "Bullshit." The company made sure to specify that there would be no hidden surprises for buyers, just a nice box with poop inside. Over 30,000 people bought these boxes of Bullshit, and all of the proceeds went to a charity to help eradicate poverty and hunger in developing countries.

With so many people buying boxes of poop, the creators of the hit game came back this year and offered to sell absolutely nothing. They took down their store, so that you could not buy their game, and just let you fill out a form to give them $5. Again, they insisted that you would get nothing in return for your money. And wouldn't you know it, people threw money at them.

The company announced that they made more than $70,000 by selling absolutely nothing. Unlike last year, they didn't donate the sum to charity. They split the money among themselves, and happily documented how it was spent by each individual. A lot of money did end up going to charity, while the rest went to gaming consoles, food, student loan payments, a rather interesting pair of leather cuffs, and more.

Source: Cards Against Humanity