Captain America: Civil War teaser leaked from Disney D23 [Update: it's fake]

UPDATE: Looks like we got hosed. Turns out this "teaser" is nothing more than a fake, fan-made clip. We've heard from several people who attended Disney's D23 event, and they say this was nothing like what was really shown. We'll leave the video below incase anyone is still curious to see it, but just know it's 100% not real.Those following Marvel's rapidly expanding cinematic universe are already well aware that the third Captain America film is in production, with a release date already confirmed for May 6th, 2016. Over the weekend, Disney held its annual D23 fan club expo in Anaheim, California, and a few lucky attendees got to see a special Marvel presentation. Turns out, these people were treated to one of the very first showings of the teaser trailer for the new Captain America. As should be expected in age of smartphones and internet, a portion of it was recorded and shared on YouTube.

Titled Captain America: Civil War, the next movie will star a number of fellow Avengers, namely Iron Man, and several other Marvel heroes that recently got their own films, or will in the near future, such as Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and Black Panther. Unfortunately we weren't able to see any of these characters, as it appears the smartphone footage only reveals a portion of the teaser.

There are a few quick glimpses of Captain America and Iron Man, along with what appears to be the new villain, Crossbones. Civil War is said focus on the fight between the two heroes over who will lead the Avengers, and will be the final film in the Captain America trilogy, serving as the "culmination of everything that has come before in the [Marvel] Cinematic Universe."

Marvel and Disney will probably be officially releasing the first Civil War trailer on YouTube in the near future, but if you just can't wait you can see the leaked footage below. Just be quick before it gets pulled!