Capcom Vancouver hit with layoffs

Dead Rising 2 developer Capcom Vancouver has laid off 7% of its workforce, the company announced on Twitter today. However, Capcom doesn't want you to take this as a sign that the studio is trouble, with Capcom Vancouver quick to clarify that the layoffs were "a result of unsuitable fit with the studio goals." It's unclear what Capcom Vancouver means by that, but we think we have an idea.

After all, the sad truth is that layoffs happen all the time in the world of games development (at least they do these days), and they don't always come about as a result of a studio finding itself in financial trouble. With games going through multiple phases of development and usually taking years to complete, most studios can't afford to keep everyone on the payroll from start to finish. Capcom Vancouver currently has a new unannounced IP in the works, so it could be that these layoffs are occurring because the game has moved along to the next stage in its development.

Whatever the reason, it definitely isn't because Capcom Vancouver is having trouble making payroll – shortly after it tweeted that it had laid off 7% of its employees, the studio followed up by saying that it's "still growing and aggressively seeking great talent." It's hard to say what's going on behind Capcom Vancouver's doors, but we can say that the studio isn't likely to shut down anytime soon.