Canon's super-squashed portable Pixma printer

Canon's printer division has issued a warning this week about a group of gadget-squashing rogue Sumo wrestlers who have taken to squatting on consumer electronics and crushing them.  The most recent victim is the company's Pixma iP90v printer, which used to be the size of a small bus but is now compact enough to slot into your printer bag.


The iP90v weighs just 1.8kg in post-Sumo guise and yet can spit out b&w pages at up to 16ppm (pages per minute) and colour at 12ppm.  Maximum resolution is 4800x1200.


Canon have decided to make the best of a bad situation and market the iP90v as a mobile solution; for $79.99 they'll sell you a Bluetooth module which adds to the printer's IrDa wireless capability, meaning you can print from cellphones, Bluetooth-enabled cameras and laptops without cables.  $99.99 gets you a LiIon battery pack capable of producing 450 pages on a single two-hour charge.

The iP90v itself costs around $249.99; just watch out for chunky men in nappies.

Canon Press Release [via Pclaunches]