Canon VB-S30D PTZ network camera has built-in analytics

Typically, when we talk about Canon we're talking about consumer focused digital cameras and video cameras. Canon also builds a range of small network cameras designed to be used for video surveillance and security among other things. Canon has announced that it has added a new S-Series of compact full HD resolution network cameras to its line including the VB-S30D PTZ, VB-S31D PT, VB-S800D, and the VB-S900F.

These S-series cameras share many of the same features including full HD resolution recording and built-in analytics. The built-in analytics capability of these cameras is one of the most interesting features in the series. The integrated analytics allow the camera sense movement, abandoned and removed objects, camera tampering, and changes in volume.

The S30D PTZ is a camera that's able to pan, tilt, and zoom while the S31D is only able to pan and tilt. The S800D is a fixed camera, as is the S900F. The latter camera is also a micro box unit rather than micro dome like all the others in the S-series. All of the cameras use Canon DIGIC DV III and DIGIC NET II processors and capable of delivering multiple H.264 and or M-JPEG streams.

The cameras are also able to record video to microSD cards of up to 64 GB capacity and to play video back directly from the memory card without having to download content to a PC. The cameras also have built-in Auto Smart Shade Control designed to compensate for dark areas without disturbing the image quality of brighter areas. The cameras are set to begin shipping at the end of 2013.