Canon Selphy Photo Printer Packs Ink & Paper Into One

Those video-loving minxes at Hottech have been flexing their filmographic muscles again and have come up with a review of the Canon Selphy ES1.  The latest photo printer from imaging specialists Canon, the Selphy ES1 differs from ostensibly similar offerings currently on the market by not only having an odd name but also (and perhaps more important) using special, pre-packed sets of both ink and paper. 

Connecting direct to a camera via PictBridge standard on most semi-recent digital models, or by slotting in a memory card, you can edit images using the LCD screen and apparently straightforward controls.  We're not just talking red-eye reduction – if you've ever wanted to treat a loved one with a calendar made up of twelve photos of your wriggling buttocks then here's the photo printer for you: the ES1 has a variety of in-built presets, a calendar being just one of them.

My only reservation would be the price of the paper and ink cartridges, and how they compare to buying the two things separately.  I suppose Canon are aiming the Selphy at the more-nervous-than-nonchalant market, to whom having one big consumable is better than lots of little ones; still, I'm yet to be convinced that these photo printers work out cheaper in the long run than taking the occasional batch of hard-copy-worthy images to a local print shop.

Hottech TV [thanks to Ben for the tip!]