Canon IVY CLIQ2 and CLIQ+2 cameras print circle photo stickers

Chris Burns - Sep 16, 2020, 11:58am CDT
Canon IVY CLIQ2 and CLIQ+2 cameras print circle photo stickers

Canon revealed two new cameras today, both with the ability to instantly print stickers of images they’ve captured. One goes by the name Canon IVY CLIQ+2, the other is called IVY CLIQ2. That’s not confusing at all, is it? These “instant camera printer” devices will work with a new sort of pre-cut circle sticker paper, too.

IVY CLIQ+2 (connects to smartphone)

This camera has an 8MP sensor and connects to your smartphone via a Canon Mini Print app. The camera itself has no physical or digital viewfinder – you’ll need to connect to your smartphone and the app to activate the “Live View” feature to see what you’re about to capture. There’s also a “Selfie Mirror” feature on the front of the device, surrounding the lens, that’ll allow some measure of preview of what you’ll be capturing.

Around the lens on this device you’ll also find a “glowing light ring of LEDs” for bright selfie action. This camera has built-in frames and filters, and includes three “modes” for capture. Landscape, Portrait, and Selfie modes can be accessed directly from the camera. This device will be sold for around $150 USD.

IVY CLIQ2 (self-contained)

The IVY CLIQ2 does not connect to your phone. This device has a selfie mirror and no viewfinder or display. This device has a button to select fancy borders for your sticker prints, a button to switch between “VIVID” and black and white, and … that’s about it.

Because this camera is so extremely limited in functionality, it’ll cost approximately $100. The camera will come with a single starter pack of 10 sheets of 2×3 photo paper. Extra paper will be sold in packs of 10 for approximately $13 USD.

New circle sticker paper

As it’s been with past Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer stickers, new Peel & Stick Circle Stickers come in packs of 20. It would appear that these stickers work a little different from their predecessors in that there are two circles – two stickers – per sheet, where previous paper just had one rectangle. Each circle sticker is approximately. 1.3-inches in diameter, and two fit on a single sheet of ZINK Photo Paper at 2 x 3-inches large. Each pack will cost approximately $13 USD.

Oddly, the option to select a “pre-cut sticker” layout for the circle sticker paper needs to be selected within the Canon Mini Print app, which cannot be accessed by the IVY CLIQ2. So, assuming you’re printing circle stickers with your IVY CLIQ2, you’ll sorta… need to plan for that… without knowing if your end product will have circles cut out at the right spot. That’ll be interesting – we shall see!

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