Canon EOS M Japan reveals accessories coming late September

Today Canon has done a marvelous job of beating up the news with bits of excitement on their brand new Canon EOS M camera system, the latest bit being some accessories not yet available to the public. What you'll be seeing here that's different from what's been revealed earlier today is a lovely new body jacket of many colors, matching neck straps, and an additional Speedlite for you flash shooters. You'll want to keep your pocketbooks open until September for these pieces of hardware add-ons for sure.

First you'll see the Speedlite 90EX, this little item a pocket-sized flash you can quickly slip on to the head of your EOS M in real mobile fashion. This device is right between the 270EX II and the RC-6 also revealed today, with the largest costing somewhere around $200 USD and the smallest (the 90EX) costing closer to $90. The RC-6 is a controller that allows you to control the camera and its flash – and video – from afar for right around $25. Final prices on these devices of course depend on your region and choice of store.

There are a couple of straps you'll be able to buy in each of the different colors that he body jackets come in – black, white, red, and brown. There's a wrist strap ER-E1 that's made for hand-holders and a neck strap EM-E1 for hanging out around your head. The EG23-CJ body jacket is an interchangeable series of colors to match or mix and match your way to fashionability, each of them with a lovely material that's comfortable to touch. The straps will ring up around $30 USD while the jacket will be closer to $45 USD when the time comes – sooner than later!

[via Canon Japan]