Canon 5D Mark II’s Raw Video footages from REVERIE, one word: STUNNING!

Daniel Lim - Sep 27, 2008

If you’ve followed our coverage on Vincent’s 5D Mark II, then you already seen the short film presentation-Reverie. I’ll say he has done an amazing job and the video image quality is excellent came out from a $2,700 Digital SLR. That was a downsized demonstration to a QHD at 960×540, and the pixel-peepers have demanded a full 1080P raw footage after the release. Here they are. Three raw videos straight out of the camera at full resolution of 1080p, “untouched in terms of color correction, exposure correction, noise correction – nothing was done to them whatsoever.” Believe us, Canon will sell a ton of 5D Mark II.

[update : Canon has removed the video clips below due to high demands and apparently have exceeded the download capacity]

Our reader “MODERN ART” has kindly provided an alternate download options to the clips (read comment below)

Links to raw video below;

credit © Laforet Visuals Inc –

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