Canon 24-105mm Lens Crafted of Ceramic Brings Liquid Satisfaction in a Snap

If there's one single photo related to photography itself that's so meta, so amazingly ingenious it's amazing it hasn't been done a thousand times over, it's the big expensive lens turned into a coffee cup. An artist by the name of DERELIQ has decided to take this awesome idea another step back, smaller and further away in a shotglass made in the form of a Canon lens, complete with all the knobs, settings, and red ring rim you've come to expect.

This little cutie is a pretty darn good replica of the original version which, believe it or not, is a whole lot bigger. As the artist shows, you don't necessarily have to plop a drop of mixed alchol in there, you can use this little guy for everything from jellybeans to SD cards – or a single roll of film would work too. Can you imagine all the things you'd think of to drop in?

Then again, you could toss back a few shots of whiskey and go on a photo hunt, I suppose that wouldn't be the worst idea should you remain safe on the jaunt. The best part about this entire situation is that the shot glasses are for sale, they're inexpensive, and they come in a set of three. Just head over to the Awesomeness section at Photojojo and drop $18 for the win!

And don't forget to pick up a set for your ol' friend yours truly!