Camp Pokemon app goes mobile for iPhone and iPad

The new Camp Pokemon app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch isn't the full Pokemon experience. It'll do an amazing job of bringing you back to the glory days of Pokemon Snap, if that's your brand of Poke-entertainment, but it's not quite the full Poke-experience. It does show, on the other hand, how far The Pokemon Company International has gotten from their hard-bar ban on releasing any apps outside the Nintendo ecosphere. It shows that some day we might very well get the real deal.

This Camp Pokemon game is really and truly made for small kids. It's not like Pokemon games for Nintendo 3DS where anyone can gain major enjoyment out of collecting and fighting pocket monsters.

Inside the Camp Pokemon game you'll play a variety of mini-games aimed at getting kids hooked on the Pokemon craze. Inside you'll be able to play Poke Ball Throw at cardboard cutouts of Pokemon. You'll be able to Find the Pokemon with a spyglass, earning yourself virtual pins. You'll be able to explore the Mystery Cave!

You'll be able to explore the Pokemon universe from here to Hoenn and back, staving off your need for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire another day. You can do this – just keep telling yourself you can survive!

The Camp Pokemon app is out for iOS devices today, and it's entirely free. Have at it.