Camangi Webstation preorders arrive, get unboxed [Video]

The first pre-orders for Camangi's Webstation Android tablet have finally arrived, and over at Gear Diary they've been sharing some first impressions.  An unboxing video and hands-on is promised, but weight and bulk is apparently far more in line with an Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble nook than expected.Updated with video unboxing/hands-on after the cut

Build quality is reportedly high, impressive given the WebStation is reasonably budget for a tablet at $399.  Hardware specs included WiFi and Bluetooth, along with a 7-inch WVGA touchscreen, and Camangi have launched their own their own download store – the Camangi Market – to offer apps specifically created for the platform.

We're holding off from final judgements until Gear Diary's review and some real-world performance feedback.  Still, with CES fast approaching and a number of tablets – such as Notion Ink's – promised for the coming months, this looks to be an increasingly hectic segment.