Calm down, Amazon Scratchpad are dev-tools not tablet

Rumors around Amazon's tablet plans refuse to die, with the retailer's recent moves with the Amazon App Store and the new Cloud Player for Android app each being used as evidence a cloud-centric slate is on the roadmap. However, despite reports to the contrary, it seems it won't be the Amazon Scratchpad. Although several Scratchpad-themed domains have been registered recently by the online retailer, they appear to be related to Amazon's Marketplace Web Service.

As TNW points out, several of the registered domains include the initials MWS (Marketplace Web Service) and Scratchpad apps are already available for testing Amazon's Web Service APIs. They're not new, either; the apps have been available for several years for developers to use.

So, it's unlikely to be Amazon Scratchpad, which is a shame since that would be a solid name for a tablet, especially if it included a digital stylus like the HTC Flyer. Of course, that doesn't mean Amazon isn't working on a slate of its own; it just means we don't know what it's called yet.