Amazon Android tablet rumors won't go away

It started innocently enough. Amazon published a job listing looking for Android developers for their Kindle division. That led to speculation that maybe the Kindle was going to evolve into an Android based ebook reader ala the NOOKcolor. And with devs taking the NOOKcolor and rooting it into a full fledged and very affordable Android Tablet, people started to see the possibilities even more. And then the Amazon Store for Android was announced and the rumors started to gather steam.

While the company is still only selling simple Kindle e-readers, Amazon has quietly built all the tools it needs to compete against Apple and the other tablet makers with its own Android-based tablets.

It's more than just a few fans and bloggers getting out the rumor. It's analysts like Dan Frommer of the Business Insider. It's a conclusion that's echoed by Sarah Rofman of Forrester who believes that with Amazon's Android Store, it's one-click check out, and vast distribution network, that Amazon is primed to not only released an Android tablet, but do so at a very low price since they have no middle man. So what's keeping Amazon from diving into the deep end of the pool?

Well, it could be that Amazon is reticent to kill the Kindle. The eBook reader is very popular because of it's lifetime wireless access to book and low energy screen that has amazing battery life. But let's face it, the Kindle needs to evolve. And it may be that's what Amazon is waiting on ... a low energy color screen which Qualcomm has spent billions to develop and manufacture for what they call "a major client." Is that Amazon? It's speculation at best, but it could very well be. And with Amazon putting an Apple-esque App store in place, bolstering their Kindle division with Android developers, and major analysts connecting the dots, this rumor is looking more and more credible every day. Very iPad like, no? And we all know how that's played out.

[via Android Community]