Call of Duty: Warzone trios mode goes through even more changes

It's been an interesting week for Call of Duty: Warzone. Last week, Infinity Ward and Activision launched the season 3 update for Modern Warfare, which brought some changes to Warzone as well. Chief among these changes was the addition of a new four-man squads mode, but instead of being available alongside Warzone's trios mode, that quads playlist replaced it.

When Warzone launched, three-man squads were the only way to play, much like in Apex Legends. It's safe to say, then, that the player base grew accustomed to trios, which meant they weren't very happy when the mode was replaced by quads. They made their displeasure well known across sites like Reddit, and over the weekend, Infinity Ward sent trios live again.

All was well and good for a few days, but it seems that Infinity Ward can't stop tweaking with its playlist rotation. In an update that was pushed to the game last night, trios were once again changed – it wasn't removed entirely, but the main trios mode was replaced by a trios mode called Scopes and Scatter Guns, which only gives players sniper rifles and shotguns.

We knew that mode was coming as Infinity Ward announced it when it kicked off season 3. What players didn't know, however, is that Scopes and Scatter Guns would straight up replace the main trios mode. It should go without saying, but by this point, it seems that various Call of Duty subreddits have had just about enough of Infinity Ward's trios tinkering.

What happens from here is anyone's guess. We might see Infinity Ward once again listen to player feedback and re-implement the standard trios alongside quads, solos, and Scopes and Scatter Guns. Infinity Ward may be hesitant to split the player base up too much, but with Warzone recently passing the 50 million player threshold, that probably isn't something the company should worry about. We'll let you know when things change, so stay tuned for more.