Call of Duty: Warzone hits a huge milestone

It seems Call of Duty: Warzone is off to a very strong start. The game launched just over a month ago on March 10th, and in the time since then, it has attracted a huge number of players. That may not be a shock considering that Call of Duty is one of the biggest brands in gaming, but when there's no lack of stiff competition in the battle royale space, the player numbers Warzone is putting up are definitely impressive.

On Friday, which was the one-month anniversary of the game's release, Activision announced that Warzone had pulled in a whopping 50 million players. The game managed to break the 6 million player mark in just 24 hours after release and was at 30 million players at the end of its first week.

So, player base growth has certainly slowed a bit since that rush at the beginning, but the game is still pulling in new players at a good rate. Activision has likely had a lot of success in getting existing Call of Duty fans to check out Warzone by positioning it as a supplement to Modern Warfare, which has already proven to be a popular entry in the perennial series.

It's also possible that Warzone experienced a spike in new players last week with the roll out of Modern Warfare season 3. Season 3 brought a new quads mode for Warzone along with it, allowing players to group up into parties of four. At launch, Warzone only supported three-man squads like Apex Legends, but it wasn't long before we saw the addition of a solos mode as well.

Unfortunately, the quads mode launched as a replacement for trios, much to the chagrin of players who actually enjoyed the trios mode and preferred it to four man squads. It didn't take long for Activision and Infinity Ward to fix that issue, though, as they put trios back into the game over the weekend. We'll see how many new players Warzone can pull in as it moves through its second month, so stay tuned for that.