Call of Duty: Warzone four-man squads now live with season 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting a big update today, ushering in season 3 for both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone. For Warzone, this update is a significant one, as it adds a new quads mode to the game. That means you'll now be able to team up with three of your buddies to form a squad of four.

Most battle royale games out there offer some kind of four-man squads mode, but this is the first time we've seen it in Warzone. Like Apex Legends, Warzone launched with trios as the primary game mode, and while Apex Legends just made duos a permanent game mode, it sees that Warzone is going in the opposite direction. It seems that Warzone's quads mode is replacing trios altogether, so if you regularly play in a group of three, you'll need to find a fourth person for your team.

In addition to quads, a post on the Activision blog details some upcoming changes to game playlists and ground loot. Specifically, Activision says that we can expect to see game modes that center around certain weapons, offering a mode called "Scopes and Scatter Guns" (sniper rifles and shotguns) as an example. Ground loot will also be changed to "diversify the strategies you can take across Warzone."

In the short term, that means we'll see every weapon available in silenced and standard variants, giving you more of a choice when it comes to building your loadout in each game. Activision says that players should look out for the addition of new weapons and blueprints, which we imagine will happen throughout the season.

Modern Warfare's season 3 update, on the other hand, is shipping with three new 6v6 maps and new weapons and operators for the battle pass. You can read more about those in the blog post linked above, but otherwise, download the update for Warzone and hop into its new quads mode.