Call of Duty updates might not fit on a 500GB PS4

If you're planning on keeping two Call of Duty games on one PlayStation 4, you might need to buy a new external harddrive. The latest update to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone will be massive. Season Two file sizes are huge, gigantic, and so undeniably massive that you'll want to get a bag of popcorn ready before you start reading this list.

Black Ops Cord War has a set of update sizes between 10.5GB at the SMALLES, and upwards of 26.5GB for the most massive. That biggest edition is for the Xbox Series X. We're focusing on the PlayStation 4 here because there's a good chance you have the 500GB machine, but given the sizes of these downloads for other systems, there might be a similar issue for you elsewhere.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War update file size:

• PC: 13.7 GB

• Xbox One: 15.3 GB

• Xbox Series X/S: 26.5 GB

• PlayStation 5: 18 GB

• PlayStation 4: 10.5 GB

Call of Duty Warzone update file size:

• PC: 16.9 GB (Warzone only)

• PC: 20.8 GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare)

• Xbox One: 17.9 GB

• Xbox Series X/S: 17.9 GB

• PlayStation 5: 17 GB

• PlayStation 4: 17 GB

These totals are for the update, ONLY. They'll add on to the massive sizes that the games already take up on your computer or console. The sizes of these games have become such a potential issue for users that they've gone the extra mile in warning users that they should be aware of said file sizes.

One would hope that this sort of issue will be mitigated in the future on the developer end of the situation, but who knows? It may just be that games keep getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger forever. Part of owning a gaming console might just be the need for a bigger hard drive each time you install a new game or especially massive update! It should be clear at this point that the publishers behind Call of Duty just NEED that massive file space, right from the get-go.