Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer gameplay video unleashed

With the game which has its developers calling "the most anticipated game of all time," there's really no other claim for ultimate supremacy that the group can possibly hope to release for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 before its drop date next week – except some gameplay to back it up. And that's what the folks at Sledgehammer Games have done, today, making the whole world jump back and toss the rest of the video games they purchased last month directly in the garbage. Have a peek at the gameplay video below and see if its your next go-to multiplayer murder-fest.

The trailer features no less than Michael Condrey, one of the co-founders of Sledgehammer Games, the promise of new games modes, new maps, and of course enhanced graphics beyond your wildest dreams. Mark Rubin, executive producer from Infinity Ward, also behind MW3, notes that many of the features feed into the philosophy "create your own Call of Duty."

Kill Confirm

He's also got some news on a wholly new feature that makes the game all the more real: Kill Confirm. When you kill someone in the real world, in a death match that can mean your brains or your glory, you've got to make sure the person you just shot is actually dead. Similarly, this new game mode has you needing to actually run up to the place where your enemy just fell to the ground to collect their dog tags to gain points for your team.

Inside that same gameplay, you have the ability to pick up tags from your own fallen teammate, this taking away the ability to do so from the person who just killed them. This is harsh! You still get experience points for the kill, and you'd get them if you pick up the tag, but if someone else does so first, you get denied! Picking up tags moves up the point counter for your team if you pick up the kills you initiated yourself on your opponents.

Team Defender

Another mode that appears to be straight up lifted from Golden Eye on the N64 is Team Defender, this game mode appearing very much to be like Capture the Flag, but instead of having the goal to move the flag to a certain safe winning point, your goal is to keep it as long as you can. The flag does not exist until the first person in the game is killed, at which point the flag is generated at that point, and transfers from person to person as they are killed and the next player picks the flag up. The longer you hold on to the flag, the more points your team earns.

User Generated Mode

You have the option of creating your own game mode for multiplayer in a set of variables called User Generated Mode. In here you can jump into any of the pre-set modes but with options galore including time limit, max health, number of lives, killcam, wave spawn delay, force respawn, headshots only, custom classes, and more! The entire multiplayer mode works with Call of Duty ELITE which allows you to check out scores of other groups online as well as post your own. But more than that, you can now post your Custom Modes online through ELITE as well, so anyone can choose your pre-set mode wherever they are!

Global Scale

Your adventure here in multiplayer mode will take you to a slew of new locations including downtown New York City, the mean streets of Paris, and the subways under London. Many locations parallel the places you visit in the single-player campaign, only modified slightly so that the maps are able to flow better for games in the multiplayer world.

Have a look at the video below and see the action in full-on blow your head of HD, and keep calling your local video game store to see if that delivery truck has arrived!