Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Funeral

There's nothing like pressing "X" to pay respects to your best buddy after a lengthy, deadly battle. That's what the newest Call of Duty knows, and that's what the newest Call of Duty shows in Advanced Warfare's funeral. It's not the first time you've been able to "pay respects" to a fallen comrade in a game, but it is the most recent. And it's reminding us of the lines the video games cross on a regular basis. With Kevin Spacey, to boot.

Thanks to Fahey K, we've got access to the cutscene in the game with Spacey and the quick time event that allows you to pay respects. Just press and hold "X".

A quick time event (QTE) is one in which you press a button during a scene in a game to advance the story. Generally this quick time event does not offer much of an option – it's just a way to keep you interacting with the story as it's being told.

You don't really get a choice. You're really going to need to go ahead and pay your respects to this coffin.

There's a very similar setup inside Batman: Arkham City. This QTE exists in-game and unlocks and achievement for you. What better way to advance the game than to pay respects to your dead parents?

The term "quick time event" was coined by Yu Suzuki when he created the series Shenmue. Have a peek at two minutes of QTE in this set of cutscene gameplay moments from Shenmue to see the original glory:

Now it's come to this. Pay your respects.