Pokemon GO taken to court at The Hague for Pokechaos

A hearing is scheduled for the 11th of October with Niantic who will be defending themselves against the government who says they've put protected landmarks in danger. Specifically protected beaches at Kijkduin, South Holland in the Netherlands. While no such lawsuits have been brought against the company in the United States, hordes of Pokemon GO players appearing at such popular spots as Central Park, NYC, and several beachfront boardwalks near Los Angeles and San Francisco, California bring similar amounts of players to the sea.

Former VVD Rob van de Laar, resident of Kijkduin, said that the beaches become wild when a rare Pokemon appears in the game, no matter where it appears. Translated, via Omroepwest: "Fences, which protect the precious dune area from the rest, are pulled out of the ground despite the existing wire. It is among others on the dunes until just before the terraces of Zeehaghe (apartment complex) and [they] disturb the habitat of rabbits, foxes, and other animals."

Photos above: Richard Mulder for The Hague.

Shown on August 8th, 2016 just outside of Kijkguin lunchen restaurant:

A representative for the Hague's Alderman Boudewijn Revis made a statement with AD which suggested that the Deltaplein Kijkduin (Delta Square, Kijkduin) should be evacuated between the hours of 11PM and 7AM local time. Local authorities have made attempts to contact Niantic in order to find a solution to the problem of citizens overrunning the area at all hours of the day, but have (apparently) not received a reply.

Their request is two-tiered.

• The nearby nature reserve area (Natura 2000) be "removed completely" from the game.

• Pokemon in-game be removed from the Delta Square, Kijkduin area between the hours of 11PM and 7AM.

"So Kijkduin remains attractive for Pokemon Go players," said the representative, "but avoid inconvenience to residents and damage to the nature."

They don't want to ban the game from beaches entirely – they just want people to stop vandalizing city property and acting like a bunch of fools.

ABOVE: Deltaplein Kijkduin via Google Maps.

According to AD, the city of Kijkduin has had to deal with the massive influx of Pokemon GO players by adding police enforcement, constructing and maintaining new toilets along the beach, and repairing fences around conservation areas. These measures are said to cost the city "nearly 1,500 euros per week."

ABOVE: Photo via ANP.

Below is a photo of a sign in Kerkrade (2-hours drive from The Hague) showing how deep the Netherlands' Pokemon GO addiction in the area goes.

This image was attained by SlashGear from a letter sent to the city of Kerkrade from a citizen inquiring whether or not the signs (there were several) were put up by the city, and whether or not the city was doing anything to mitigate foot traffic brought on by the recent Pokemon GO craze. This letter was filed on September 28th, 2016.