Cadillac Elmiraj concept used extensive 3D scanning in design

GM has given up a bit more detail behind what it took to design the sexy Cadillac Elmiraj concept car. The car has been on display at the LA Auto show and was first seen back in August. GM says that the design of the Elmiraj concept car required extensive use of 3D scanning.

The 3D scanning that GM used took advantage of projected light patterns and an advanced camera enabling the capture of 3D shapes that could be translated into math data. Once the shapes were turned into mathematical data, the data could be manipulated in digital modeling platforms.

GM says that 3D scanning plays an important role in the design of modern cars and that the use of the technology often begins when a 2D image is turned into a 3D mathematical rendering. The 3D rendering is used to create a physical representation of the concept using computer-controlled milling and hand modeling in clay.

Any changes made to the computer renderings of the concept are then applied to the physical car in clay by milling. GM says that by using 3D scanning it is able to move from a scale model to a full-size model in less than a week.