Buzz Lightyear trailer starts the Easter Egg hunt with WALL-E

If you were waiting for a point at which Chris Evans' Captain America were able to be brought back to life, you might like this movie trailer. The movie is Lightyear – a spin-off of Toy Story, made to show the "origin" of the character Buzz Lightyear*. This is a 3D animation sort of film, directed by Angus MacLane, based on characters by Pete Docter, and it's expected to be released on June 17, 2022. That's according to the latest list of releases from Pixar and Disney, which have been known to change.

*To be clear, here, this is not the origin of the character itself, but of the Space Ranger who inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy. As such, it makes a bit more sense that the main character is not voiced by Tim Allen, but Chris Allen.

Fun Fact: Tim Allen and Chris Evans share the same birthday, just a few years apart. They're both born on June 13: Evans in 1981, Allen in 1953. As far as we are aware, no space flight has been taken by either actor as yet.

This will be Pixar's 26th animated feature. It'll likely be jam packed full of references and in-universe ties to other Pixar films, as each of the sequel movies and top-tier Pixar films have been. It'll be simple, given the direct tie to Toy Story, but there'll likely be iterative references like the crystal that powers the ship in this trailer – as referenced in Toy Story where Buzz asks whether Crystallic Fusion has been discovered.

At approximately 1:08 into the trailer you'll also see a robot called E.R.I.C., with a design that could be straight out of the film WALL-E. Can you find any other ties to previously released Pixar and/or Disney films in this first trailer for Lightyear?