Burton gets in the speaker business with Braven portables

An outdoor winter speaker set is being brought out to play this week by Burton and Braven, a combination of brands the likes of which the market has never seen before. Braven is a brand we've seen before – they make fine speakers of all kinds. Burton is also a brand we've seen before – they make fantastic winter clothing, creating some of the finest jackets known to snowboard-kind. Together they're making a unique set of speakers prepared for the snow, the cold, and the icy, unforgiving air of the slopes.

Both the Braven BRV-1 and BRV-X are "ultra-rugged" and made to be completely waterproof. For the snow, of course. You can bring these two sets together to match up colors or work with one or the other on their own.

The Braven BRV-1 is the smaller of the two speakers, working with an IPX7-certified waterproof rating, built-in battery bank to charge your mobile devices, and a built-in microphone so that when you're connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth, you can talk back to it. You can use that microphone for hands-free calling, too.

The BRV-X works with an IPX7-certified waterproof rating as well. With this larger unit, you're able to connect wirelessly to another unit – that's with TrueWireless technology from Braven for wireless pairing with a second unit – BRV-X to BRV-X. Inside you've got a 5200mAh battery as well, this one also acting as a backup battery for your mobile devices.

Units will be available for prices between $80 and $250 USD depending on colors and capabilities. We'll know more about release time soon.