Burger King acts weird again, launches all red burger

It's not terribly uncommon to seem a themed meal of some sort from a fast food place, but Burger King has been pushing it to various extremes. Last September we took the plunge and sampled one of its all-black burgers, which were — as the name suggests — all black, including the cheese. It was tasty, in case you were wondering. If a colored burger sounds appealing but you were hoping for something a little more cheery, Burger King has an alternative — an all-red burger.

The all red burger is like the black burger was — with a colored bun and colored cheese, only in a nice crimson shade rather than black. As expected, the burger is being offered in Japan (the same place it hawked the black burger), and it is also available in a chicken variety.

It is called the "Aka Burger", which means red burger, and uses tomato power to get its bright red color. Most fittingly, it will also have red hot sauce on it for an extra nip. The black burger, for those who are curious, was colored using squid ink — the same method used by McDonald's with its totally-not-a-rip-off black bun burger.

If you're in Japan, you'll be able to get the Red Burger from Burger King starting on July 3. Whether we'll be seeing the other colors of the rainbow in the future isn't known. Check out the timeline below for more!

SOURCE: The Independent