BumpTop 3D desktop launches: Video demo

After what's seemed like an age in "technical demo" status, the release version of 3D desktop system BumpTop has been launched.  claiming to offer the look and feel of a "real desktop", BumpTop allows users to organize themselves into more intuitive piles, groups and stacks.  It also has a physics engine that lets you throw or slide files or folders around.

If you've got a touchscreen then it's all the better – and multitouch will be supported once Windows 7 slips into stores – but you can still use BumpTop with a mouse.  Often-used files are larger than infrequently-accessed ones, and there are various search options, automated common tasks (such as posting photos to Facebook) and interaction between the weighted icons to make finding and working with data more straightforward. 

According to All Things Digital, it's a well-designed and clever way to interact with files, but until other applications buy into the BumpTop ecosystem – and the company are apparently making the software tools available for that to happen – there's less congruity between apps and interfaces than might be necessary for BumpTop to flourish.  The free version is limited to just two sticky notes at a time, and lacks the pile-flipping search that the Pro brings.  If you're keen to try it out – Windows users only right now – the direct download link is here [msi file]. 

[via GottaBeMobile]