Bulletstorm removed from Steam: Games for Windows Live casualties expand

This week you'll notice that the game Bulletstorm is no longer available on Valve's gaming client Steam. While no explicit reason has been given, this is just one of a variety of games that will need (or will have needed) patching as Microsoft gets rid of Games for Windows Live on the first of July, 2014. Meanwhile, the Games for Windows Marketplace has been closed since August 22nd, 2013.

At the moment it is not clear what will happen to Bulletstorm specifically, but we must assume that it'll return with 3rd party support – perhaps direct through Valve – sooner than later. Dead Rising 2, Street Fighter 4, and Resident Evil 5 have all used Games for Windows Live for multiplayer in the past – one wonders whether they won't switch to Windows Azure and the Xbox One ecosystem for similar support soon.

This change-over may also have several games switching to Steamworks. Bulletstorm is also available on Origin, the same service which supports Microsoft's current hero game Titanfall. Titanfall also has EA Games and Respawn Entertainment utilizing Windows Azure and Microsoft's Xbox One servers for multiplayer constantly.

Other games that have had GFWL removed and replaced by Steamworks include Bioshock 2, Fallout 3, and Gotham City Imposters, while games like Toy Soldiers still offer a choice between GFWL or Steamworks. If you've purchased games like Batman: Arkham Asylum or Arkham City GotY Edition outside of Steam, you'll need to convert to Steamworks and all of your progress will be lost – sad day!