Bullet Time goes home-made with a ceiling fan and a rocket

The term "bullet time" has been loosely applied to camera-based projects that take on what's been made most famous back in the original Matrix movie and spread wide with film, television, and even advertisement spots before and since. What we're seeing this week as a Hack-a-day project that takes the concept and makes it a do-it-yourself project. All you need to DIY is a fan, a dimmer switch, a GoPro camera, and some fireworks!

Of course the fireworks are optional, but what better way to demonstrate an oddity like this than with a controlled bit of demolition? The first video you're seeing here shows how the fan and the GoPro camera were made friendly with a control switch. The dimmer here allows the fan to move at a speed that can keep the camera in business with its ability to capture video at high speed.

While this certainly isn't the first time we've encountered this camera taking on an extreme mission, it's certainly one of the strangest places we've seen it mounted. GoPro is a brand that prides itself on being able to roll through extreme conditions and capture video from the oddest of angles – but we'd bet its intended use-case list never included a ceiling fan.

Next you'll see the camera on the fan with the dimmer capturing a lovely 4th of July preparation in firework form. Have a peek and see what you make of it.

And remember – as it is with all DIY projects, especially when they have "hack" in the title, use caution if you decide to make it a reality for yourself. This isn't the work of amateurs, no matter how rudimentary it looks. You don't want a GoPro flying at your head at break-neck speed, no matter how awesome the resulting video would be!