Bullet Proof Stroller for babies in combat

Does your child have mortal enemies that occasionally drive by and shoot at them? Well you might not be safe, but the baby will in this Bullet Proof Stroller.

What is truly creepy is that they have a video where a woman places the baby in the stroller and then shoots at the stroller herself. Then happily takes her child out who is perfectly content, almost as if she has just randomly shot at him several times before.

The stroller is priced at $599 and is able to convert and grow with your baby. The stroller has a testimony from a woman who highly recommends the stroller. Apparently there was a freak hunting accident and the child was unharmed thanks to the stroller. Here's a thought, don't take your baby with you in the woods during hunting season.

Bullet Proof BabyJohn Connor? [via Stuart Witts]