BugHouse Future Fossils tech in cement for the gadgeteer who has absolutely everything

When it comes down to it, there's only so much technological gadget bits that one person can possibly want for the holidays*, so when you get to that point with the electronics lover in your life, there's always the old fallback: a big bit of rock. Not just a sack of pavers you stole from your neighbor, no way, this is the BugHouse Future Fossils series of life-sized decorative editions made with a cement casing to make sure you're in the right place when it comes to displaying the future's past in classic connected items. These mothers range anywhere from $50 to $500 USD and most of them are unlimited in the amount that you can buy.

Why not stock up on your cement-laden Atari controllers for the low low price of only $65 USD apiece? Truly this is the dream you've been dreaming of ever since your auntie Agnes told you that your glass case full of calculators was terrible to behold. Also included in this series is an Opympus 35mm still camera, a Technics turntable for all your stone records, and a 16mm movie camera without a brand — can you identify it?

Each of these will cost you a pretty penny to ship, but what price can you put on a cementified version of your favorite gadget? For a great trick, pick one of these up and switch it out with your best buddies still-functional version. You'll have a great laugh and a memory both of you can enjoy until your gadgets really do turn into stone in the distant future. That's what happens to plastic and metal when it gets old, right? It turns to cement, correct?

[via Unplggd]