Bugatti Vera kettle offers timer, temp control, huge price tag

It's time to unpack the wedding china and start cutting the crusts off your sandwiches; as soon as whatever nearby minor royalty hears you're boiling your water with a Bugatti kettle, they'll be round like a shot.  The handiwork of the same studio responsible for the indecently-fast Veyron supercar, the Vera Electric Kettle offers not only some eye-catching colors but a control-encrusted handle with LCD display.

Those controls can be used to set various automation features, including straightforward alarms or even timed boil cycles.  That way, when Princess Michael of Kent shows up at 2pm exactly, you'll know you have enough hot water for her Cup-a-Soup.

You can also set various temperatures from the handle, ranging from 113 degrees F through to 212 (45 to 100 degrees C) and of course it's cordless with a 360-degree base.  The Bugatti Vera Electric Kettle goes on sale in September, priced at a reasonable (if you're comparing it to their cars; pants-wettingly expensive if you're comparing it to other kettles) £185 ($300).

[via OhGizmo!]