Bugatti and Tidal Audio have created a new home audio system

French supercar maker Bugatti and German audio specialist Tidal are setting new standards in the home audio industry. Both companies are leaders in their respective fields, and 'The Bugatti of Home Audio' collection offers superior quality, unparalleled craftsmanship, and unmatched exclusivity.

According to the press release, Bugatti and Tidal Audio "are united to strive for perfection without limits in order to perform with exceptional design, effort, and uncompromising spirit." It starts with Tidal's Royale series of speakers that come in two themes: Monocoque and Duotone.

From there, lucky buyers can choose between an array of finishes, colors, and material combinations. At the same time, each Royale speaker can be commissioned with bespoke materials, including dark aluminum, leather, carbon-fiber, polished stainless steel, fabrics, or other precious metals.

Every speaker from the Tidal for Bugatti collection undergoes a personal, customized ordering process like a Bugatti Chiron supercar. Of course, Bugatti's logo adorns the front, while a branded Tidal for Bugatti plaque is on the backside.

Meanwhile, the audio reproduction is reminiscent of Bugatti's hypercar: Beguilingly powerful with a generous helping of luxury. Tidal's Royale series has four subwoofers per speaker. Simultaneously, the mid-range and high notes are courtesy of a 3-way front unit with diamond diaphragm tweeters, the same units found in Bugatti supercars.

Powerful amplifier channels govern the Bugatti of Home Audio's sound reproduction. Meanwhile, you can play music from multiple sources via the unit's built-in music controller. It only sounds great, but it looks like a million dollars in our view.

If you're looking to experience the next-generation home audio system, Tidal's Royale series for Bugatti offers uncompromising performance. The Bugatti of Home Audio is initially available in 'Edition Noir' and 'Edition Blanc' models, limited to 15 pairs only.

How much? If you really need to ask, then you probably can't afford it – unless you already have a Veyron or Chiron in your driveway. If that's the case, you can contact Tidal to know more.