Buffalo NAS on test

I'm a firm believer in Sunday being the day for reading the paper and a couple of tech reviews, so here's one for you.  Network Attached Storage (NAS) might not be as sexy as the latest iPod or as fun as a remote control helicopter, but if it means your data is saved when your favourite laptop bites the dust then it's perhaps more important than both of those put together.  Plus with the increasing variety in media streaming devices it's always good to have a central store of music so that you don't have to leave your energy-guzzling PC on (I'm assuming it's not just the UK that's facing rampant energy price hikes?)

Pocket-lint have taken a looksie at Buffalo's LinkStation Pro NAS, a combination of the company's basic LinkStation gigabit ethernet hardware and top-of-the-line TeraStation Pro NAS software, that hooks up to your router and shares its joyous memory with all.  Priced from £130 ($255) for a 250GB SATA version and with storage options up to 750GB, there are also two USB ports for external hard drives (although sadly not printers) and a neatly built-in power supply.  Worth a look if you were considering a new hard drive this Christmas.

Buffalo LinkStation Pro Network Shared Storage Device Review [Pocket-lint]