Budclicks To Spruce Up Your iPod Earbuds

If you aren't quite satisfied with a plain pair of iPod earbuds, but still like the feel of them. You might try sprucing them up with a set of Budclicks like these from Fractalspin. Coming in three different styles to match the style of both girly girls as well as rocker types.

The buds fit on both styles of iPod earbuds and although they weren't made for it they fit some Playstation Portable and Intec earbuds. The round Budclicks are 1" in diameter and the flowers are 1.75" in diameter.

The Budclicks come in Radioactive (not shown), Biohazard and the Pink Daisies. The Biohazard of course being the coolest of the three. Each set is being sold for $10.

Budclicks Add Personality to Your iPod Buds [via chipchick]