Broforce: another tragedy in Xbox One's parity clause drama

This week it's become apparent that the epic pixel-heavy side-scrolling shooter known as Broforce will not be released on Xbox One. According to the creators of this game at Free Lives Games, "as far as I know Microsoft has a clause in their contract where they won't accept an indie game if it launches on Xbox after PlayStation." This comes from Creative Director Evan Greenwood at Free Lives Games, who also confirmed this week that Sony "reached out to us with a deal we couldn't reasonably refuse."

Greenwood spoke with Gaming Bolt this week about the situation. This isn't the first time this topic has come up – but it is one of the biggest bummers, especially given the fantastic stable of indie games already out on Xbox One.

Above you'll see some Broforce gameplay. This gameplay was recorded back in July of 2014 – since then a whole batch of new characters, improvements to gameplay, and hot bits and pieces have been added to the mix.

Look upon this glorious piece of work and despair, all you Xbox One users who will never get to play on your precious console. I've got one here with Luke Skywalker on it just dying to destroy enemies with all manner of broriffic brostructive brattles.

This game is out right now on PC in Beta mode – you can grab hold of it through the standard Broforce homepage for a cool $15 USD right this minute.