Broadcom, Samsung, and others form benchmarking consortium for mobile devices

Benchmarks are something that we talked about a lot around here when it comes time to review smartphones and other electronic products. Benchmarks aren't only for the spec hounds out there looking for the highest performing device they can spend their hard-earned dollars on. Benchmarks also help device makers fine-tune smartphones and other electronic devices for optimal performance.

There are multiple uses for benchmarks but one thing that's for sure is that benchmarks are very important to the mobile device ecosystem. Recently a group of technology companies, including Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, and Broadcom, formed a new called MobileBench. The group plans to develop and standardize benchmarking tools to help designers of smartphones and other mobile devices assess the performance of their gadgets.

The consortium promises that the benchmarking tools delivered from their joint efforts will be unbiased and are intended to provide a yardstick to which all mobile manufacturers can measure their devices. The consortium plans to focus in the beginning on developers and platform designers and wants to release a pair of professional tools. The MobileBench tool is intended to be used by engineers and system designers to benchmark individual components and complicated tasks.

The other tool will be called MobileBench-UX and it will be used to focus on testing end user experiences for mobile devices for activities like multitasking, video viewing, video recording, and more. While at least initially the consortium will focus on tools for engineers and designers, they do plan to eventually release consumer versions of these tools. There is no timeframe on when the professional tools or consumer versions of those tools will be available.

SOURCE: Android Community