British tweakers beef up Evo

Chris Davies - Jan 18, 2007

There are some for whom a super-fast, ultra-capable sports saloon just isn’t special enough.  Show them a Mitsubishi Evo, famed for being as extreme a four-door rally-derived monster of a vehicle, and they’ll cock a snook at it.  Thankfully, that’s where X Works Automotive steps in; with the typical “oh, let’s make that a bit better” attitude of the traditional British tinkerer, these engineers have added atypically high-tech ingredients to the mix.

Now a two-door, two-seater coupé, the carbon-composite bodied X1 is the work of 30 months and the dedication of designers Andrew Borrowman and Sean Prendergast, taking the Evo’s original 350bhp 4-cylinder turbocharged engine and giving it some lovely new aluminium and carbon subframes to reside among.

X Works X1 

Weighing a mere 1180kg, with a 1000kg race-version in the pipeline, it’s a mean looking way to spend £45,000 ($88,380); should it not be enough for you, they’ll happily tune it up to 500bhp which would, I imagine, make the most of the permanent four-wheel drive.

X Works X1

Xtreme News [via Autoblog]

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