Bring The Garden Indoors - Rotting Food Has A Place At Your Table

I'm the kind of mildly-psychotic obsessive compulsive who likes to make sure his hands are really clean, maybe a couple of dozen times a day.  So the idea of a table filled with Red Wiggler composting worms, sowbugs and decomposing food sat in the middle of my kitchen fails to bring out the eco-sympathiser in me and instead makes me want to be a little bit sick in my mouth.  Amy Youngs, an artist specialising in mixed-media and interactive work and who will find it is a cold day in Hell before I allow her into my house with a sack full of bugs, has put together plans for constructing your own composter-cum-webcam, allowing you to watching in glorious infra-red as your leftovers are reduced to worm-poo.

The fresh compost is released from the bottom of the hanging fabric bag, and can be used to fertilise plants (such as those around the base) or the vegetable patch you'll have to grow come the New World Order and the ensuing skyrocketing price of food.

Digestive Table [via Core77]